• Green Jam Fest poster

    Pet In A Pot Procession  From Theatre Square

    We all gather with our pets in a potty 🪴🪴🪴 at Anikė Square (https://goo.gl/maps/Agmc3335tT2ynYkT9). 

    Pantomime Theatre A will lead you from Anikė Square to the Old Market in a solemn procession, with the Five Piece Jazz Band playing and the windows of the Old Town shaking.

    There will be a small opening ceremony in the Old Market (https://goo.gl/maps/zNkE8Djn1HbTdEdH9 ) and we will decorate the stage with the plants we have brought. There will be educational activities for children an exhibitions in the market.

  • Poetry readings "ARGUMENTATION.  But here came the Pet and said..." 

  • Singing Poetry And Bards Concert

    Girlsgauzen (Ukraina) , Reinis Jaunais (Latvija), „Очеретяний кіт“ (Ukraina), BeTwins (Ukraina), Darius Žvirblis (Vilnius), Agota Ago (Vilnius), Jonas Baltokas ir JieDu (Klaipėda), Alvydas Stalaučinskis (Klaipėda), Justinas Žilinskas (Vilnius), Lukas Norkūnas (Vilnius), Dovilė Karpiūtė (Šiauliai), grupė KOPA (Vilnius), Jonas Bagdonavičius (Vilnius), Aldona Stankutė (Vilnius), Justina Kaminskaitė (Vilnius), Darius ir Rytas (Raseiniai), Domilė Kirstukaitė (Rokiškis)
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  • closing of the festival

June 18, 2022 The creative festival "Green Jam Fest" is organized in the center of Klaipeda, in the Old Market Square (Turgaus a. 5, Klaipeda, Lithuania https://goo.gl/maps/mhefADkQsT92Gsb69 ).

Dress code: FLOWER IN A POT (Bring the plant to the Old Market Square to decorate it green, you can pick it up when you go home)

The event will be held in this city space for the first time. The space was not chosen at random. The market square is a historically important place. News was published there, problems were solved, and holidays were celebrated. Market Square is a place where all the life of the city took place in old Klaipeda. In it, the organizers of the festival want to talk about the problem that needs attention so much today - ecology and sustainability, the need for which is especially felt by artists.

Different artists where invited - musicians, artists, poets, photographs.

🇱🇹 Performers from Lithuania will perform on the stage: Giedrius Arbačiauskas (Vilnius), Domantas Razauskas (Vilnius), Darius Žvirblis (Vilnius), Jonas Baltokas and JieDu (Klaipėda), Justinas Žilinskas (Vilnius), Tomas Dirgėla (Vilnius), Dovilė Karpiūtė (Šiauliai) , Aurimas Bareikis and the Group (Vilnius), Jonas Bagdonavičius (Vilnius), Alvydas Stalaučinskis (Klaipėda), Aldona Stankutė (Vilnius), Justina Kaminskaitė (Vilnius), Darius and Rytas (Raseiniai), Domilė Kirstukaitė (Rokiškis). Agota Ago (Vilnius) will give a folk tone to the concert.

🇱🇻 World-famous Latvian performer Reinis Jaunais (https://www.facebook.com/reinisyoung)

🇺🇦 Artists from Ukraine: Очеретяний кіт (https://www.facebook.com/ocheretianyikit), BeTwins (https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/X5erB)

12:00 Pantomime Theatre "A" opening procession from Anike Square to the Old Market.
12: 00-16: 00 Program for children. Concerts, education, Poetry Hour, an exhibition of photographs by Martynas Jankevičius.
16: 00-22: 00 Concert