• Green Jam Fest poster

    Pet In A Pot Procession  From Theatre Square

    We all gather with our pets in a potty 🪴🪴🪴 at Anikė Square (https://goo.gl/maps/Agmc3335tT2ynYkT9). 

    Pantomime Theatre A will lead you from Anikė Square to the Old Market in a solemn procession, with the Five Piece Jazz Band playing and the windows of the Old Town shaking.

    There will be a small opening ceremony in the Old Market (https://goo.gl/maps/zNkE8Djn1HbTdEdH9 ) and we will decorate the stage with the plants we have brought. There will be educational activities for children an exhibitions in the market.

  • Poetry readings "ARGUMENTATION.  But here came the Pet and said..." 

  • Singing Poetry And Bards Concert

    Girlsgauzen (Ukraina) , Reinis Jaunais (Latvija), „Очеретяний кіт“ (Ukraina), BeTwins (Ukraina), Darius Žvirblis (Vilnius), Agota Ago (Vilnius), Jonas Baltokas ir JieDu (Klaipėda), Alvydas Stalaučinskis (Klaipėda), Justinas Žilinskas (Vilnius), Lukas Norkūnas (Vilnius), Dovilė Karpiūtė (Šiauliai), grupė KOPA (Vilnius), Jonas Bagdonavičius (Vilnius), Aldona Stankutė (Vilnius), Justina Kaminskaitė (Vilnius), Darius ir Rytas (Raseiniai), Domilė Kirstukaitė (Rokiškis)
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  • closing of the festival

Two Full Moons In Klaipėda

We have been contacted by concerned citizens of Klaipėda - a large round mirror has appeared on the main building of the Old Market after the weekend, and as it is clearly visible from the street, the question is - will it interfere with traffic? Will it dazzle drivers? What is it for?

My first thought is that maybe it is a decoration for the Festival of the Sea? Or maybe a symbol of the 300th anniversary of the Old Market?

Jonas Baltokas, director of the public institution "Baltas Sodas", has taken it upon himself to answer these questions, and his team is organising the "Žalias Ošas" festival of singing poetry and other arts in the Old Market Square on 18 June.

It turns out that it is not just a mirror, it is a mirror full moon of Osas, created by Klaipėda artist Vytenis Simanaitis. The festival will take place during the full moon and participants will be invited to look for a point in the square where they can see the moon reflected in the mirror. There is a version that two moons once revolved around the Earth. Whether the second moon, after colliding with its twin, dispersed into space or fell to Earth is unclear. But seeing two full moons is definitely a good omen that can make the most secret wishes come true, promises Baltok.

The decoration is not related to the Sea Festival and the anniversary of the Old Market, but Baltokas says that such highlights and other nice initiatives can be gifts to one's community on one occasion or another. Therefore, the full moon of Osho will remain over the heads of the inhabitants of Klaipėda as long as the city needs it. So if you can't find the reflection of the moon on 18 June, rush to the Old Market Square on the next full moon - until autumn. And make your wishes come true.